Kohler toilets for sale

We’re getting some new Kohler toilets in stock. Please get in touch for specific details about any of the models listed below. Depending on your location, we may also be able to install it for you.

Veil K-5402

A beautiful wall hung toilet that has the ability to completely modernize your bathroom both in looks and functionality. If you have limited space, you will appreciate its space saving attributes, with the manufacturer noting that it can save you up to eight inches of space. That can make a huge difference to a more compact washroom.

It has luxury heated settings built into the toilet seat too, with the ability to choose between several different temperature levels. This brings that added comfort that just isn’t there in standard toilets.

It has a night light, it automatically flushes when you finish using it, and it has an elongated shape bowl for even better user comfort.

Karing K-4026

Next up we have the Karing from Kohler’s intelligent toilet range. Like the veil, it has many fancy options built in, but the main difference between them is that this is floor mounted.

It’s a one piece toilet, with an elongated bowl shape, and a seat that automatically senses when you are near and opens / closes accordingly. Even the flush can be controlled via remote, leaving you completely hands free, which is far more hygienic.

It’s low flow too, making the best of 1.28 gallons of water. Combined with Power Lite flushing technology and its air filter, it achieves a powerful flush that keeps the bowl clean and minimizes odors.

Kelston K-3754

And finally, our chosen floor mounted, two piece toilet. The Kelston collection looks amazing. Modern, stylish, and light colors which can really brighten up the bathroom.

It’s not as water efficient as the two above, but with a 1.6 gallon, gravity fed flush, you can expect power and performance to come to it naturally. With this amount of water, it’s very unlikely you’ll find yourself dealing with blockages.

It’s comfort height, elongated and has a trip lever on the left. What’s more, it fits the most common of rough in sizes – 12 inches.

Keep an eye on this page as we add more toilets from Kohler. We want to provide our customers with the best from each category. We do this by following this guide in picking them out.